Vehicle shelter / Container 2022

We offer secure parking for your vehicle in a specially constructed shed, which is surrounded by a security fence.

 Before we return the car to you, we will clean it on the outside and have it ready for you on your arrival
We will gladly refuel or have your car serviced, with all expenses (diesel, petrol, spare parts etc.) for your account. A 75% deposit in advance is required for fuel, service and smaller repairs. For larger repairs we will get a cost estimate in Windhoek. Major repairs will only be done after consultation with you and having your consent.
You will recieve your car start ready on the farm. The airport transfer will cost 250 NAD.

All vehicle shelter payments are payable on your arrival.

For your camping gear and other equipment we offer secure storage in our lockable container.


Passenger car & minibus: 
€ 40 per Month

€ 20.00 per month

Small Truck
€ 55.00 per month

€ 70.00 per month

1 m³     : € 10.00 per month
1,5 m³  : € 15.00 per month

Small Trailer: 
€ 20.00 per month

Larger trailer (1500kg and more): 
€ 30.00 per month

We are not liable for any damage to your car or the valuable articles inside your car.