Namibia - a mysterious, rugged, colourful and unspoilt paradise in Africa.

Vast plains of the Namib Desert meet the horizons in the far distance. The rugged mountains in the north-western regions fascinate with their bizarre shapes and ever changing colours. The red, rolling sand dunes of the Kalahari studded with ancient camel thorn trees add to the mystery of Namibia.
The colourful cultures and the diversity of fauna and flora add to the captivating experience “Namibia”.

Explore the beauty and contrasts of Namibia with a qualified tour guide. Let us organise your individual tour and make sure that you enjoy every day of your holiday in Namibia.
We will assist you with a well planned self-drive tour to all the interesting places in Namibia. We will book all the relevant accommodations, as well as a suitable rental car and equip you with information to ensure that you have a memorable holiday in Namibia.

A flying safari in Namibia is a safari with a different dimension. It takes you to the most remote and far off places in a very comfortable way. Discover the rugged mountain world of the north western parts of the country, the beautiful scenery of the Namib, the Fish River Canyon and the fascinating wildlife of the Caprivi.
Should you wish to explore the Okavango Delta or the Central Kalahari in Botswana, or see the mighty Victoria Falls, the mysterious and big game parks of Zambia, you will benefit by our wide knowledge of these areas. 

All tours are tailor made and individually planned for our clients.
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