Welcome to the Airport Hunting and Guest Farm in Namibia.

The Airport Hunting and Guest Farm is situated in the heart of Namibia, in one of the biggest nearly untouched arid savannas and has been in our family for generations. Due to the International Airport being situated directly on our farm, the transfer only takes 10 minutes, thus saving you travelling time. This distance from/to the Airport does not cause any noise irritation.

The slightly hilly area on our farm consisting of grass and tree savannahs will offer you stunning sundowners and a fantastic climate for relaxation.

Together with our small Guestfarm of 10.000 hectares, being part of the 120.000 hectares Namatanga Conservancy, we also conduct a very big and detailed cattle breeding program. Our farm does not have any game-proofed fencing. We would be glad to invite in to our daily cattle breeding program, to give you the possibility of understanding the agriculture in our hard but beautiful country. 
Together with our cattle we have got vast heards of free ranging game in our savannahs. This region is known for beautiful Oryx, Hartebeest and Springbok and also Mountain Zebras. Steenbok and even Cheetahs live here. The mountains surrounding the area also give shelter to Leopards. In the dry riverbeds we often find Warthog and along the tree savannas Kudus are feeding.

We invite you on a stalk with us, so we can share our year long experience in game viewing and tracking of different game.
Enjoy marked walking trails through the grass and tree savannahs surrounding us. The days are ended with stunning sunsets.

Families with children are very welcome. 

Your hosts Janet & Uwe Trümper, are looking forward to welcoming you personally.